We understand that customer engagement goes far beyond loyalty points programs – that’s why we’re committed to a deep understanding of your customers. We find out just what makes them tick and what keeps them coming back for more.

Let us build the customer engagement strategies, campaigns and experiences while you sit back and watch your customers fall in love.


Strategic Consulting

Every CRM system, loyalty program, or marketing activation strategy is built with a purpose – to drive ROI and increase incremental revenue. We uncover who your customers really are and build strategies that exceed your goals.

  • Loyalty Program Design
  • Customer Retention Strategy
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Retail Experience Audits
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Omni-Channel Marketing Optimization
  • Digital Ecosystem Evaluation and Optimization
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Premium / Subscription Program Design

Analytics and Insights

At Inte Q, we go beyond providing nice looking reports and dashboards, we give you actionable insights and activation strategies to drive your business forward.

  • Marketing Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Marketing Attribution
  • Program ROI
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Customer Segmentation and Targeting
  • Digital Attribution
  • Standard and customized interactive dashboards

Management Services

Inte Q’s services go beyond analytics and strategy. We have the products and capabilities to keep your loyalty programs, data-bases and customer service centers running.

  • Customer Service Call Center Management (on-shore and offshore)
  • Premium Loyalty Benefits Management
  • Database Design, Development and Management
  • Loyalty program Ongoing Management



Genesis is a flexible, powerful platform that brings you closer to your data. It enables you to better understand your customer and take actions that increase their love for your brand.
Using data science and machine learning, Genesis is always evolving – giving marketing professionals the information they need to make smart, profitable decisions.

Inte Q’s Genesis Platform is made up of a robust suite of products that easily integrate with your existing data sources:

Bring your data to life with powerful CRM, analytics and insights tools.
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Create a loyalty program as unique as your brand with a robust rewards platform.
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Enhance your programs with subscription billing and benefits technology
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Reach your customers wherever they are with an integrated omni-channel marketing platform
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Optimize marketing spend with data-driven decisions and our intelligent media solution
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Customer Love
A unique approach to measuring the emotional connection customers have with your brand.
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